Kahoot in 4B

Why do we do Kahoots in school?

In class 4B we have run a Kahoot-quiz about the English television serie Desperados that we are in the middle of watching.

The students seem happy to participate in Kahoots on all kinds of topics. As a teacher you don’t use a Kahoot-quiz to find out if your student has the knowledge or not – you actually use it so that they will – in an amused way – focus on the topic and learn more while they are playing.

Quiz-games makes you “yearn to learn”!


Participate = delta

find out = få reda på

topic = ämne

knowledge = kunskap

actually = faktiskt

while = under tiden

learn = lära sig

yearn = längta efter

Ade Adepitan MBE, the well-known wheelchair basketball player. Ade Adepitan by Garry Knight CC by Flickr


Ade Adepitan, on the picture, plays one of the main characters “Baggy” in Desperados.




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